Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Another lifetime conversion

I finally did it! After being faithful to the PC since I was introduced to computers, I finally converted to Macintosh today. This decision was largely fueled by my recent battles with viruses and the poor quality of my last PC laptop (Acer). I've only had it for a little over two years and it has crashed on me (last November due to a few strains of viruses despite having Norton anti-virus installed) and its space bar is kaput.

After doing some research online and talking to some friends who've made the conversion, I decided that the higher cost of a MacBook is probably worth it since I don't have to worry much about purchasing anti-virus programs. By the way, have you ever wondered if those anti-virus software guys are the ones who write all these new viruses so that they can stay in business? Hmmm... I wonder!

I'm still trying to get used to my new stylish little MacBook and feeling a little frustrated at times - it's like learning how to ride a bike all over again! - but I'm sure I'll soon enjoy it. As my friend, Sharon, remarked when I told her that I'm considering a conversion, "Welcome to the light-side!"

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