Monday, August 25, 2008

Those good ol' tv days...

A news report caught my attention recently - they are bringing back the popular educational 70's tv show, The Electric Company. When I heard that, husband and I immediately went into our reminiscent mode - who could forget that scream: "Hey, you guys!!!" How fun it was! I remember always looking forward to the show. I also recall how I learned proper pronunciation and new words on the show.

Then, there was 3-2-1 Contact - an educational science show. I can still remember the intro song vividly. I wonder if they'll bring this back, too.

Of course, who could forget the Big Blue Marble - by the producer who went on to make my other favorite tv show as an adult, Star Trek: The Next Generation. Husband, however, does not recall ever seeing this show...hmmm... Anyhow, I remember how I found a penpal through this program when I was in fourth grade. Ahh... gone are the good, old decent days of tv!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Prenatal challenges

It has been almost 3 months since I last made an entry. During this time, I made an important update to this blog - under my profile, I changed, "aspiring mom" to "expecting mom." Yes! On June 16, after a week-long overseas trip, I came home to a positive home pregnancy test! "Yay! We did it!" my husband and I exclaimed.

When we first told friends that we would like to have a baby next year, they told us that we need to be realistic and give ourselves at least 6 months before we conceive (considering my age and all). So, we calculated backwards - 9 months of pregnancy and around the time next year we see ourselves with a baby... so, we should start trying June 2008. And we did - round about end of May (what's a few days, we thought). Well, guess what? We hit the Jackpot the first time! Actually, we have God to thank as we know that this was only possible as the little one is a gift from him. Random selection of the Darwin kind would have proven this to be impossible considering the odds we're facing.

Anyhoo... I am, as of today, 11 weeks and 5 days pregnant. Here's what it has been so far:

  1. No morning sickness!!!
  2. Reasonably good appetite
  3. Wonderful, understanding boss and colleagues who insist that I slack
  4. Even more amazingly accommodating husband
  1. Nothing in my closet fits anymore!!!
  2. Have to eat small meals all day through
  3. Having to sleep with body propped up to ease indigestion
  4. Battling self-induced insecurities about self-identity and accomplishment at work