Monday, March 3, 2008

I need more space!!!

It's 90 days and counting down to our move. As we would be working with a much smaller space, we've been cracking our heads trying to figure out where to store what, which pieces of furniture from our current apartment should we bring along with us, where we could and should station our work area (we need a larger home office as both husband and I work from home a lot) where to place our tv, etc.

As we would be downsizing from a 1,500 sq. ft. double-story 3-bedroom apartment to a 2-bedroom 850 one, it's been challenging trying to fit in everything we deem necessary. We did have a breakthrough this evening - we managed to make some decisions with regards to the guestroom. As we often have friends and family members visiting, a guest bedroom is essential. Presently, we have the luxury of keeping one room as the guest room and another the media/book/tv room. However, this will not be the case by June. We'll have to work our books, tv and media into our guest bedroom. The major progress this evening was deciding how we would position all the elements in the second bedroom.

Meanwhile, I've started taking pictures of our current home to document the our apartment-heydays in this global city.

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