Monday, August 25, 2008

Those good ol' tv days...

A news report caught my attention recently - they are bringing back the popular educational 70's tv show, The Electric Company. When I heard that, husband and I immediately went into our reminiscent mode - who could forget that scream: "Hey, you guys!!!" How fun it was! I remember always looking forward to the show. I also recall how I learned proper pronunciation and new words on the show.

Then, there was 3-2-1 Contact - an educational science show. I can still remember the intro song vividly. I wonder if they'll bring this back, too.

Of course, who could forget the Big Blue Marble - by the producer who went on to make my other favorite tv show as an adult, Star Trek: The Next Generation. Husband, however, does not recall ever seeing this show...hmmm... Anyhow, I remember how I found a penpal through this program when I was in fourth grade. Ahh... gone are the good, old decent days of tv!

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